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The Laundry Restaurant Launches New Fall Menu

OCTOBER 05, 2022
This month, the excitement from the kitchen crew at The Laundry Restaurant in downtown Steamboat Springs is palpable. As diners take their seats they will be met with a new menu, chosen specifically to mark the start of the fall season.

Seasonal menu changes keep it fresh and exciting Menus change seasonally at The Laundry Kitchen and Cocktails, one of seven eateries, locally owned and run by Rex’s Family of Restaurants. “Our menus are designed around what we can get locally,” says Chef Nick Winden. The fall menu gets shortened with the intent to ensure everything is kept fresh. Nicknamed “Nicolas Picklelas” as a child for his love of pickling, Winden pickles as much fresh summer produce as he can to carry through winter.  A lot of planning goes into menu changes. “We think about our climate, what people have been doing all day, and for this time of year, we lean towards rich and hearty dishes,” he continues. “We look at how the menu will flow and what needs to be on there to offer different preparation, different flavors, tastes, and textures.” 

Locals’ favorite dishes remain Local favorites keep their coveted spots including shrimp pow pow, beef brisket, fried chicken, and brussels sprout hash. Everything at The Laundry is made from scratch and there is a constant effort to devise new specials. Among the most time consuming of ingredients are the smoked meats, tofu, and fish, which are smoked on site using dried wood from a 140-year-old apple orchard in Grand Junction. 

What to expect on the menu this fall
 This fall, guests can expect braised meats, game, winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, and root vegetables to be featured. The ethos behind the menus revolves around sharing – many plates and many flavors to be savored over time and paired with hand-picked wines by Sommelier Craig Bistrong. 

A fresh mix of flavors for every palate
Winden views true American food as a massive clash of cultures. He’ll happily recommend Tuna Poke in a fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors, with Bison Carpaccio in classic French preparation. “Every ingredient is great, and if you don’t like it, you just haven’t had it in a way you like it yet.” The chef’s personal favorite is Colorado lamb when he can get it, served with salsa verde from a recipe he picked up from his friend’s family restaurant in Pueblo. Fresh greens and vegetables are sourced from the Steamboat Farmer’s Market and local farms such as Mountain Bluebird Farm in Hayden.  Comfort food is the inspiration for fall, but knowing Winden, it will be anything but ordinary, and elevated to gourmet proportions. 

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