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The Local Larder

March 22, 2023
When diners sit down to a signature home cooked patty at Big House Burgers, they are getting a true taste of Colorado, literally. Big House is one of six eateries in Rex’s Family of Restaurants, a locally owned and operated group in Steamboat Springs that prides itself on supporting local producers where possible.  

This week the group is shining a light on a cause they are proud to sponsor. The Community Agriculture Alliance is celebrating its 10th Annual Ag. Week and each of Rex’s Family restaurants is honoring local ranchers and producers by serving a host of specials to promote homegrown or reared fare. March 21 marks the 50th National Ag. Day, which is recognized across the nation.  

“It’s part of our commitment to our community,” says Lindy Schwanke, the group’s marketing director. “Ag week is the local ag alliance’s annual fundraiser, so we want to support them. We offer featured menu items all week that focus on locally supplied products, and 10 percent of those sales go to the Ag Alliance.”

In recent years the local food market, which is run by the alliance, has grown exponentially. Produce available ranges from seasonal vegetables to meats, cheeses, and eggs. “Our menus are designed around what we can get locally,” says Nick Winden, Head Chef, The Laundry Kitchen and Cocktails.  Guests are invited to savor local flavors across town with the smorgasbord of dishes on offer from Rex’s.

Learn more about Ag week and see all of our restaurants’ features below.

March 2023 Ag Week Menu